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Public input is a vital part of the public planning process.

Please join us and attend an upcoming community workshop or event to learn more about the General Plan update and have your voice heard. The City will host a wide variety of workshops throughout the update process. In addition, there is a City Council-appointed General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) and five topic-specific task forces that will provide technical input and community guidance. The Planning Commission and City Council will also have Study Sessions periodically throughout the process.


Community Workshops and Events

Draft General Plan Update and EIR Meetings

A series of meetings and study sessions will be held on the draft General Plan Update and EIR.

Kickoff and Community Visioning (Spring-Summer 2014)

January 2015 Meetings

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General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) Meetings

The City Council has appointed a General Plan Advisory Committee to support the General Plan update. The GPAC will participate in seven meetings over the course of the General Plan update process:

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General Plan Advisory Committee Members
Chamber of Commerce Dianne Thompson – Primary
John Ventimiglia – Alternate
Community Services Commission Roy Miller – Primary
(pending) – Alternate
Environmental Board Jeff Coffman – Primary
Robert Schaaf – Alternate
Planning Commission Dan Kalmick – Primary
Ed Pinchiff – Alternate
Public Works Commission Kim Carr – Primary
John Scandura – Alternate
City Council-appointed citizens
Primary Clem Dominguez
Leslie Mayers
Jessica Budica
Robert Sternberg
Ed Kerins
Bob Wentzel
Tim Mulrenan
Alternate Sue Taylor
Alan Walls
Darrel P. Arnold


Task Force Meetings

Multiple task forces, consisting of members of the Planning Commission, Public Works Commission, Community Services Commission, Environmental Board and various community organizations, will be convened to provide feedback on key project milestones and review technical studies throughout the General Plan update process. Nine task force meetings will take place over the course of the General Plan update process:

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Biological Resource Task Force Name
Amigos de Bolsa Chica Vic Leipzig
Bolsa Chica Conservancy Christine Whitcraft
Bolsa Chica Land Trust Kim Kolpin
Environmental Board Hemal Patel
Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy Gordon Smith
Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center Greg Hickman
Circulation Task Force Name
Chamber of Commerce Jerry Moffat
Community Services Commission Brian Rechsteiner
Environmental Board Mark Sheldon
Visit Huntington Beach Janis Mantini
Planning Commission Dan Kalmick
Public Works Commission Bill Hart
Market Trends Task Force Name
The Boeing Company John Ventimiglia
Chamber of Commerce Tony Smale
Downtown Business Association Brett Barnes
Visit Huntington Beach Steve Dodge
Residential Developer (Large Corp.) Tom Grable
Robert Mayer Corporation Shawn Millbern
Sea Level Rise Task Force Name
Environmental Board Robert Schaff – Primary
Hemal Patel – Alternate
Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy Gordon Smith – Primary
Jack Kirkorn – Alternate
Huntington Harbour Property Owners Association Wes Warvi
Visit Huntington Beach Mike Van Voorhis
Orange County Sanitation District Robert Thompson
Planning Commission Mark Bixby – Primary
Ed Pinchiff – Alternate
Public Works Commission Jennifer Thomas – Primary
Pat Brenden – Alternate
Southeast HB Jack Kirkorn
State Department of Parks Dave Pryor
Sunset Beach Association Tim McCormack
Sustainability Task Force Name
The Boeing Company Teresa Howe
Business Representative (small) Tom Bock & Lyle Ausk
Chamber of Commerce Keeli Scott Lisack
Environmental Board Sue Gordon – Primary
Kim Nicholson – Alternate
Visit Huntington Beach Barbara Delgleize
Orange County Sanitation District Kathy Millea
Planning Commission Dan Kalmick – Primary
Mike Posey – Alternate
Public Works Commission Pat Brenden – Primary
John McGovern – Alternate
Robert Mayer Corporation Philip Eddins

Planning Commission & City Council Study Sessions

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